2012 in Review

Despite not hitting as many of my blogging goals as I had hoped this year, I’m pretty happy with how the site has been doing. Traffic was up slightly compared to 2011 and I think I had some great content on the site. Here are some highlights from 2012:

Most Popular Posts

Based on number of views, these were the five most popular posts this year. This year, the most popular posts are mostly focused on D&D but Gen Con and Marvel Heroic both have one post in the top 5.

  • D&D Virtual Table This post has gotten a lot of views with the most recent bump happening when it was cancelled.
  • Core Mechanics: Mixed Dice Probabilities This post takes a look at how changing Cortex+ dice pools can affect the outcome of a roll.
  • Divine Archetypes Inspired by one of the D&D Next blog entries, this is my take on how divine character classes in D&D should be defined.
  • Gen Con: The Games An overview of the games I played, bought, or wanted to buy at Gen Con this year.
  • Resolve: An Idea for Tougher Minions This post is an idea I had for reworking the minion mechanic to make them a little tougher without adding much bookkeeping or extra rolls.

My Favorite Posts (That Didn’t Make the Top 5)

These posts from this year didn’t make the top five list based on the number of views, but they are ones that I enjoyed writing or that are more meaningful to me.

Top Referring Sites

These sites are the top five referrers to the site this year. The D&D forums have dropped out of my top referrers with Exploring Infinity and a couple of posts Wizards driving enough traffic to be on the list.

  • I joined the network last year and it is the most common referer to the site.
  • Critical Hits links to a few of my Gamma World posts.
  • This is mostly traffic from a link to the Mixed Dice Probabilities post.
  • A couple of my posts got mentions in the Joining the Party columns which drove a lot of traffic early in 2012.
  • Twitter is where I advertise posts the most, so it isn’t surprising that it makes this list.

Top Searches

These are the top ten search terms that ended up resulting in visits to my site.

  • d&d virtual table
  • dark elder
  • super dungeon explore
  • xcom
  • 2d10 probability curve
  • d&d languages
  • caverns of roxor
  • d&d cleric
  • challenges for game designers
  • gamma world downloads

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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