Star Wars Sword of Terra

Ships of the Rebel Alliance

It’s been a few months since I posted Sword of Terra stats for Imperial Star Destroyers and TIEs, and I’ve finally finished up a batch of ships from the Rebel Alliance.

MC80 Star Cruiser

When Mon Calamari joined the Rebel Alliance, they provided the rebellion with its largest and most capable capital ships. These MC80 Star Cruisers are slightly smaller than Imperial-class Star Destroyers and have less firepower, but they are incredibly durable thanks to heavy shields with redundant shield generators.

MC80 Star Cruiser

Target Number 5

Shield Points 2/2/2

Shield Rating 22

Armor 17/17/17

Hull 9

Thrust 3 (5)

Turning 2

Marines 12

Hyperdrive ×1, ×9 backup


  • 4 Turbolaser Batteries (1 FX, 1 SX, 1 PX, 1 AX – 20″ range, +0 accuracy, 12 power)
  • 5 Heavy Ion Cannon Batteries (3 FX, 2 AX – 10″ range, +0 accuracy, 12 power)
  • 1 Tractor Beam Battery (1 FX – 6″ range, +2 accuracy, strength 3)


  • Extra Shield Generator (regains 2 shield points per turn rather than the normal 1; this system must be destroyed before the shields can be disabled due to damage)


  • Capacity 12 wings
  • Doors 3 (F,S,P)

CR90 Corvette

The CR90 Corvette is a small capital ship that is widely available to individuals and private organizations. They have been adopted by both the Rebel Alliance and pirate fleets for use as blockade runners thanks to their higher than normal thrust and quality hyperdrive.

CR90 Corvette

Target Number 7

Shield Points 1/1/1

Shield Rating 18

Armor 16/15/14

Hull 3

Thrust 3 (6)

Turning 1

Marines 3

Hyperdrive ×2


  • 2 Turbolaser Batteries (1 FX, 1 AX – 20″ range, +0 accuracy, 11 power)

X-Wing Starfighter

The X-Wing is the iconic starfighter of the Rebel Alliance. It is slower than the TIE fighters of the empire, but is more durable and better armed. The X-Wing has laser cannons that are comparable to a TIE Interceptor’s weapons while also mounting a proton torpedo launcher that can threaten capital ships.

X-Wing Starfighter Wing

Class Heavy

Target Number 12

Armor 10

Thrust 7

Hyperdrive ×1


  • Laser Cannons (4″ range, +8 accuracy, 4 power)
  • Proton Torpedo (10″ range, +2 accuracy, 10 power, 6 ammo)

Y-Wing Starfighter

The Y-Wing was originally designed for the Clone Wars, but wasn’t ready for production until after the Confederation of Independent Systems had surrendered. Because the Empire was no longer interested in the design, its manufacturer offered the ship on the open market where the newly formed Rebel Alliance was able to purchase them. While the X-Wing has been replacing the older design, the Y-Wing is still widely used by the rebellion. A relic of the Y-Wing being designed for fighting the droid starfighters of the CIS is the inclusion of a small ion cannon in its armament.

Y-Wing Starfighter Wing

Class Heavy

Target Number 12

Armor 10

Thrust 6

Hyperdrive ×1


  • Laser Cannons (4″ range, +8 accuracy, 3 power)
  • Ion Cannon (4″ range, +8 accuracy, 4 power)
  • Proton Torpedo (10″ range, +2 accuracy, 10 power, 8 ammo)

A-Wing Starfighter

The A-Wing was designed after the Battle of Yavin to help the Rebel Alliance counter the large numbers of fast TIE fighters that the Empire had at its disposal. The A-Wing is amongst the fastest starfighters in existence and is relatively well-armed for its size. In addition to laser cannons, it carries a payload of concussion missiles that can be used against heavy targets. The A-Wing is also equipped with a powerful jamming device that interferes with targeting systems. While the jammer isn’t powerful enough to interrupt the systems of capital ships, it is a boon in dogfights.

A-Wing Starfighter Wing

Class Light

Target Number 14

Armor 10

Thrust 9

Hyperdrive ×1


  • Laser Cannons (4″ range, +8 accuracy, 3 power)
  • Concussion Missile (10″ range, +3 accuracy, 8 power, 12 ammo)


  • Jamming Device (enemy small craft within 4″ take a -2 penalty on to-hit rolls)

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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