Star Wars Sword of Terra

The Imperial Navy

A few months ago, I brainstormed a bit about using my Sword of Terra mechanics for naval battles in the Star Wars universe. I shared some general ideas and intended to quickly follow-up with actual statistics for ships, but then got busy with other things. Luckily, I’ve found some time in the past week to do some work and have a few ships ready to share.

Imperial Star Destroyer

The Imperial-class Star Destroyer is a mainstay of the Imperial Navy. Each is capable of challenging nearly any other starship in the galaxy and serves as a projection of the Empire’s military might. In addition to their formidable firepower, Imperial star destroyers carry a large number of both starfighters and stormtroopers.

Imperial Star Destroyer

Target Number 5

Shield Points 2/2/1

Shield Rating 20

Armor 18/18/17

Hull 10

Thrust 3 (5)

Turning 2

Marines 15

Hyperdrive ×2, ×8 backup


  • 5 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries (1 FX, 2 SX, 2 PX – 25″ range, -1 accuracy, 15 power)
  • 5 Turbolaser Batteries (1 FX, 2 SX, 2 PX – 20″ range, +0 accuracy, 13 power)
  • 4 Heavy Ion Cannon Batteries (2 SX, 2 PX – 10″ range, +0 accuracy, 12 power)
  • 2 Tractor Beam Batteries (1 FX, 1 AX – 6″ range, +2 accuracy, strength 3)


Capacity 15 wings

Doors 3 (F,S,P)

TIE Fighter

The greatest strength of the Imperial TIE Fighter is its low production costs and compact size. Those traits allow the Empire to deploy the individually weak fighters in very large numbers to overwhelm their opponents. TIE fighters lack both shields and a hyperdrive, but are relatively fast and nimble.

TIE Fighter Wing

Class Light

Target Number 13

Armor 8

Thrust 8


  • Laser Cannons (4″ range, +8 accuracy, 3 power)

TIE Bomber

The TIE Bomber, officially designated the TIE/sa, is designed as a counterpart to the lighter TIE fighter. While it is slower than the fighters, it is able to carry powerful concussion missiles to threaten capital ships and is slightly more durable.

TIE Bomber Wing

Class Heavy

Target Number 12

Armor 9

Thrust 5


  • Laser Cannons (4″ range, +8 accuracy, 2 power)
  • Concussion Missile (10″ range, +2 accuracy, 10 power, 16 ammo)

TIE Intercepter

After the loss of the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin, the Imperial Navy began to deploy an improved model known as the TIE Interceptor. The improved TIEs are more agile, more durable, and pack more firepower than the TIE Fighter and have performed much better against the X-Wing fighters used by the Rebel Alliance.

TIE Interceptor Wing

Class Light

Target Number 14

Armor 9

Thrust 8


  • Laser Cannons (4″ range, +9 accuracy, 4 power)

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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