Dragon Age Dungeons & Dragons World of Malune

Vampires of Kraelund

In the western nation of Kraelund, a secret cabal of vampires is attempting to seize control of the kingdom. Led by Rohan Mellene, the vampires have patiently sown discord between the nation’s humans and all outsiders. By cultivating this fear, the cabal has been able to consolidate the power of several noble houses that have fallen under their control, and if they are allowed to continue, they will soon control the throne and have the power to expand their domain throughout the Shieldlands.

Society of Heroic Blood

Many of Kraelund’s nobles houses can trace their ancestry to the legendary hero Edmus and his companions. Those heroes fought against the minotaurs of Arkazon thousands of years ago and established an early human kingdom where Kraelund now stands. While the heroes predate Kraelund’s founding by centuries, they are still celebrated folk heroes and the noble houses that can trace their ancestry to the heroes take great pride in that fact.

About two centuries ago, several adventurous nobles established a group to celebrate their connection to the ancient heroes and seek to build their own reputations as heroes. This group, known as the Society of Heroic Blood, has grown since that time and now has members from many of Kraelund’s oldest and most powerful noble houses. In recent years, the society has become more active in political machinations and has adopted a platform of maintaining human power within Kraelund. They were a driving influence behind the recent wars against the elves of Duskglen where members sought to both  prove their mettle in battle and expand their own holdings with lands seized from the elves.

The Inner Circle

Unknown to even most of the Society of Heroic Blood’s members, its inner circle is under the control of several powerful vampires. These undead have patiently established an environment of fear where Kraelund’s nobles believe that outsiders, such as the elves of Duskglen and the free city of Stormkeep, are plotting to destroy the kingdom. Under the pretext of protecting the nation, the vampires and their allies have consolidated power in the hands of several noble houses and now control much of the nation from the shadows.

Lord Rohan Mellene

The inner circle is led by Lord Rohan Mellene who was the patriarch of House Mellene before the encounter that left him a vampire. While he was shunned by House Mellene, he has built up his own power base through the society and seeks to one day reclaim his place at the head of House Mellene and then seize the crown of Kraelund.

Lord Rohan possesses many of a normal vampire’s powers and weaknesses. Like most vampires, he is able to drink the blood of his victims and charm them with a gaze. He is also able to transmute into a cloud of darkness in order to escape dangerous situations. In addition to this normal vampiric traits, he has the ability to assume a man-bat hybrid form that makes him into a more powerful melee combatant.

Here are stats for using Lord Rohan in either AGE or D&D 4E. You could weaken the same stat block a bit for use as the other vampires in the Society of Heroic Blood’s inner circle.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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