2011 in Review

Overall, I’ve been really happy with this blog over the past year. I’ve written over 70 posts and had a lot of fun sharing gaming ideas. Here are some highlights from the last 12 months:

Most Popular Posts

Based on the number of views, these are the five most popular posts this year.  My Gamma World posts have remained popular during the year, but there are more D&D-focused postsin the top 5 than last year.

  • Legion of Gold This is just a quick review of the second Gamma World expansion, but it has gotten a lot of hits from people searching for pdf downloads of the book.
  • Gen Con 2011 Predictions My predictions for the Wizards of the Coast product seminar at Gen Con. I also wrote a follow up post afterwards with some thoughts on the various announcements.
  • Character Themes in D&D Some thoughts on how I saw character themes fitting into D&D from May with a focus on how themes could be a third pillar to characters by tying to the setting and providing motivation for adventuring.
  • Resolve: An Idea for Tougher Minions A recent post where I shared a mechanic I’ve started using to make minions a little more durable in D&D 4E. This one managed to make the list despite being a recent post thanks to a fair bit of traffic from Tracy Hurley’s Joining the Party column earlier this month.
  • After the Big Mistake:  Sea-At-Ell Ideas for fleshing out your home town for use as a Gamma World setting. This is an older post that was also on the most popular list for 2010.

My Favorite Posts (That Didn’t Make the Top 5)

These posts from this year didn’t make the top five list based on the number of views, but they are ones that I enjoyed writing or that are more meaningful to me.

Top Referring Sites

These sites are the top five referrers to the site this year. The list is pretty similar to last year with the only real change being the traffic from the RPG Bloggers Network that I joined early this year.

  • Getting mentioned in the forums tends to drive a lot of traffic.
  • I get a good number of referrals from the RPG Bloggers Network site which has made being a member of the network worthwhile.
  • This is mostly traffic from the collection Gamma World links that Critical Hits has on their site.
  • Twitter is a great way to let people know about new posts (or older posts relevent to a current hot topic).
  • Google Reader At least a couple people have my RSS feed listed in Google Reader.

Top Searches

These are the top ten search terms that ended up resulting in visits to my site.

  • dark eldar
  • gamma world legion of gold pdf
  • xcom
  • legion of gold origins
  • dragon age stunts
  • gamma world vocations
  • d&d character themes
  • legion of gold
  • super dungeon explore
  • warhammer 40k 5th edition

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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