2011 Goals: How Did I Do?

Back in January, I set a few goals for this year. I managed to accomplish most of them, and I’m pretty happy with the gaming and blogging I managed to fit into this year.

Keep Blogging

Publish 2-3 posts each week: While I managed to keep that pace for the early part of the year, I ended up with an average of about 1.5 posts per week overall. I would still like to aim for closer to 2 per week, but we’ll see whether I manage that next year.

Finish the Gamma World archetype origins: I finished all 8 of these origins and they’re all available as free pdfs from the downloads section.

Finish the cinematic combat series: I finished up this series in October and you can read all of the posts here.

Play Lots of Games

Bring my current D&D campaign to a good conclusion: I wrapped up the story arc I was running a couple of months ago, but my group opted to continue the campaign into paragon tier with a new story arc.

Run a Star Wars Saga Edition mini-campaign: I didn’t manage to run a Star Wars game. Hopefully I’ll find time for it next year.

Run a BattleTech mini-campaign: While I wouldn’t call it a mini-campaign, I did run one game of BattleTech.

Run or play more non-d20 system games: I think this effort has been a resounding success. I’ve managed to play Dragon Age, Dresden Files, Leverage, D&D Basic, and Technoir this year. Most of that is thanks to the great game-of-the-month group I’ve got.

Work on Sword of Terra

I haven’t managed to commit as much time to this project as I would have liked. I’ve made some tweaks to the rules during the course of the year, but I haven’t put in the time to incorporate them into an updated rulebook or commission any art. This goal will carry over to next year and I’ll need to make sure I work on it.

Start Painting Miniatures Again

I painted close to 1000 points of Eldar earlier this year, and have more in progress. I really missed painting and am glad to have started again.

Read More Comics

I’ve read a few comics, but not as many as I was initially hoping. I really need to find a way to start riding the bus to work again so that I can use my commute for reading rather than getting aggravated by traffic.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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