Dungeons & Dragons World of Malune

The Dragon Coast

The Dragon Coast is known for its bustling port towns along the shore of the southern Sea of Storms.  The coastal region is a lush, subtropical paradise with a mixture of jungles and scrub forest.  Moving inland toward the High Mounts and Bladewind Desert, the trees give way to increasingly arid and hilly grasslands.

Dragon Coast


The thriving port town of Djazul is the second largest trade port in the region.  Ruled by Princess Elandi Qatal and a council of wealthy merchants, the port is considered a friendlier way station by many merchant captains than the yuan-ti controlled town of Selisorne to the north.

Several surrounding villages also offer fealty to Princess Elandi and are collectively known as the Principality of Djazul.  In exchange for a small tax on trade, the villages gain the protection of the well-organized Djazuli Guardsmen.

Evermist Jungles

The western portion of the Evermist Jungles, excluding the nation of Hajakis, is an untamed mix of swamplands and dense rainforest.  Lizardfolk tribes dwell in the mangrove swamps while ettercaps and other tribal humanoids are scattered throughout the highland portions of the jungle.


The nation of Hajakis, centered on the port city of Selisorne, has been ruled by yuan-ti for nearly three centuries.  Hajaki villages and small towns sit along the coast of the Sea of Storms and the shore of the Kaldai River making them common stops for merchants and travelers.  In order to encourage trade, the yuan-ti rulers do their best to impress foreigners while oppressing the mostly human citizens.

Located at the mouth of the Kaldai River, the town of Selisorne is the largest settlement in the Dragon Coast.  Before the yuan-ti seized control in a violent coup, it was home to nearly twice its current population, so the town now feels sparsely populated.  Many of the stone manor houses and temples dating to before the coup have been repurposed by the town’s new rulers as either temples to Zehir or lavish palaces for the yuan-ti and their snaketongue allies.  The largest building in the town now serves as the palace of Grand Hierophant Zajariss, the tyrannical ruler of Hajakis.

While the yuan-ti aim to expand their dominion towards the south, a group of resistance fighters in and around Selisorne has forced them to slow their plans. The rebels, known as the Veldurzi Brotherhood, was a thieves’ guild before the yuan-ti rose to power, but when the cult of Zehir took control of the city they became devoted to disrupting the plans of the cultists and liberating enslaved Hajaki citizens.

High Mounts

The southern tip of the High Mounts forms the western border of the Dragon Coast. The mountains are largely controlled by several clans of giants, including both fire and storm giants, that are often at war with one another. The giants also occasionally raid the scattered villages in the foothills for foodstuffs, livestock, and slaves.

Old Rhaelgath

The Empire of Rhaelgath, best known for being the origin of the tiefling race, was founded in the southern portion of the Dragon Coast.  After subjugating the nearby dragonborn clans, the Rhaelgathan Empire expanded northward and came into conflict with Mulyr’kun.  That long war ended with the complete destruction of Rhaelgath leaving only scattered ruins and remnants of its population.

One such set of ruins, the city of Jorval was once a thriving port loyal to Rhaelgath.  Nearly a thousand years ago, a dragonborn army under the leadership of Khasdak Iron Scales captured it.  A year later, the army of Rhaelgath, bolstered by infernal soldiers, destroyed the dragonborn and ruined the city. Today the remaining ruins sit within a scrub forest along the coast several miles south of the Stormcliff Jungle.  Villagers in that area insist that the ruins are still patrolled by devil soldiers and dark spirits.


Held together by a cunning warlord, the dragonborn-dominated Protectorate of Soldurat controls the relatively arid lands south of the Bladewind Desert and the upriver portion of the Kaldai River.  It is known for both its well-disciplined military and its numerous mines that provide the region with valuable ores, gems, and fine metals.

Lord Patrin Arradav rules over the nation from an immense fortress in the rocky foothills at the southern end of the Bladewind Desert. The fortress, known as the Burning Citadel, predates Soldurat and was originally built by fire giants that worshipped a fiery primordial.

Stormcliff Jungle

The Stormcliff Jungle is an uncivilized stretch of coast south of Djazul.  It’s dominated by dangerous mangroves and deep woodlands that are home to lizardfolk, drakes, and other monsters.  The jungle’s name comes from several rocky cliffs that separate the coastal swamps from the drier forests at the top of the cliffs.

Thorn Hills

The Thorn Hills are a parched wasteland in the foothills of the High Mounts.  The area is known for its brambles, cacti, and thorn bushes, but it is also home to savage humanoids and monsters.

Vorgall Rainforest

The Vorgall Rainforest covers the southern tip of the continent of Avornea and fills the region west of the High Mounts.  The rainforest is a largely uncivilized wilderness full of poisonous plants and dangerous monsters.

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