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Dungeon Delver

After reading through the themes in last month’s Dragon magazine, I decided that there should be a theme for one of the oldest character themes in role-playing: the dungeon delver. Dungeon delvers venture into the dark places beneath the surface of the world in search of adventure and treasure. They are forced to deal with challenging obstacles, diabolical traps, and the terrible darkness of the depths below. Many perish and are forgotten, but those who survive become legends.

You can download the dungeon delver theme here.

Dungeon Delver

I’d like to thank Felicia Cano for letting me use her fantastic illustration of a half-elf dungeon delver for the pdf. Visit her site at and take a look at her other great work.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

8 replies on “Dungeon Delver”

Nice work Glimm! Looks very professional. I’m not so familiar with Themes yet so I don’t have immediate comments about the mechanics of the theme itself, but may I ask what you used to lay out that pdf?

Thanks Adam. I’ve used Word for all of the pdfs on the site. Sometimes it takes a bit of wrangling to get it to do everything that I want it to, but it works well enough for short documents.

Cool.. I always liked the Dungeon Delver, with the exception of the prerequisite of spending ONE YEAR underground… That was sort of extreme. Also another favorite was the Temple Raider of Olidammara.Always thought they should have dropped the gods name though and made it a generic prestige class.

“A Solid +1 & Please-Roll-Again”

I like this whole new ‘theme’ take that 4e is bringing back to the spotlight–
–alot like kits and also mini-classes unto themselves.

This ‘Dungeon Delver’ reminds me of the good stuff & flavor found in TSR’s Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide–
–great job & thanks for the download!

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