Sword of Terra

Javelin Bomber

This is part of a series of posts to expand the options for the beta version of Sword of Terra and reveal more of the game’s setting.

As the Great Colonial War stretched on, the heavy battleships of the Confederate Navy proved superior to the battleships and battlecruisers of the United Terran Systems. As a result, the UTSN was increasingly reliant on long-range tactics and the use of small craft. This led the UTSN admiralty to invest in new weapon systems and craft tailored for anti-ship actions.

Laser Blasters

Another product of the UTSN’s ongoing research into laser weapons, laser blasters are designed to provide fighters and bombers with improved accuracy compared to assault cannons, but like most laser weaponry they lack the hitting power of ballistic weapons.

  • Light Laser Blaster: Laser, Range 4/8/12, Accuracy +6, Power 3
  • Heavy Laser Blaster: Laser, Range 4/8/12, Accuracy +6, Power 4

Pirahna Anti-Ship Missile

The Pirahna anti-ship missile was developed by the UTSN as an alternative to the Atropos missile. It has a slightly smaller warhead but is equipped with a booster rocket that allows it to more quickly close the distance to its target in order to avoid point defenses.

  • Pirahna Missile: Explosive, Thrust 10, Power 10, TN 13, Armor 6, Fast-Closing 3, Large-Only

Javelin Bomber

The Javelin bomber was put into production near the middle of the Great Colonial War as a replacement for the Harbinger. The Javelin was designed to fix several flaws in the older bomber’s design such as a limited speed and outdated weapon systems. One of the major advantages of the Javelin is its ability to fire missiles at twice the rate of the Harbinger in order to quickly deliver its payload and then withdraw from active fighting.

Javelin Bomber

Class: Heavy

Target Number: 10

Armor Rating: 10

Thrust: 8


  • 1 Light Laser Blaster (Full)
  • 2 Pirahna Missile Launchers (Full), Salvo Size: 1 missile, Ammunition: 2 salvos

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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