Gamma World

Archetype Origins: Road Warrior

This is another Gamma World origin designed around a character archetype rather than a mutation. You can see the other origins in the series here.

Lots of mutants stumble upon an old, beat-up piece of junk in the wasteland and decide that they’re the best driver that Gamma Terra has ever seen. In your case, you might just be right.

The Road Warrior origin is aimed to allow a character to really take advantage of a vehicle during combat, but at the same time I wanted its abilities to still be useful outside of the vehicle. Towards that end, I tried to focus the theme of the powers on vehicle combat while still allowing them to function with mostly the same mechanics if both the Road Warrior and its target are on foot.

You can download the Road Warrior here. Please let me know what you think since this one is a little bit more experimental than the previous archetype origins that I’ve written.

Road Warrior

UPDATE: I’ve compiled all of my Gamma World material into a single pdf. You can download the latest version here.



By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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