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Vocations and Archetype Origins

The vocations in Legion of Gold fill a similar story niche to the archetype origins that I have been writing for Gamma World, but they do so using different mechanics. The next time I run a Gamma World game, I’m planning to combine the two systems by allowing players to choose both an archetype origin and a vocation. I think that I’ll limit the vocation options based on the origin though.

Here’s the breakdown that I’m thinking about using:

Gearhead: Mad Scientist

Medic: Medic, Naturalist, Witch Doctor

Protector: Bounty Hunter, Diplomat, Soldier of Fortune

Ravager: Beast Rider, Marauder, Tribal Scout

Road Warrior*: Bounty Hunter, Soldier of Fortune

Scientist*: Mad Scientist, Spice Trader

Survivor: Animal Hunter, Soldier of Fortune, Tribal Scout

Wanderer*: Conspiracist, Spice Trader, Storyteller

I’m also hoping that the vehicle rules come with a vehicle-related vocation along the lines of Beast Rider. If they don’t, then I’ll likely write up something and offer it as an option for characters with either the Gearhead or the Road Warrior origin.

UPDATE: I’ve compiled all of my Gamma World material into a single pdf. You can download the latest version here.

*: Yeah, these three origins haven’t been posted yet. I’m planning to get them finished up and on the site within a couple months.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

One reply on “Vocations and Archetype Origins”

That would be REALLY cool if you did. I like the Vocation mechanics in the LoG book as they are just feats so add a little mechanical variation to those with the same Origin for instance, whereas the Archetypes you’ve created (although really cool) either add a new set of powers (which for some of my players is too much choice – I know, go figure) or replace the RAW Origins.

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