Gamma World

Archetype Origins: Ravager

This is another Gamma World origin designed around a character archetype rather than a mutation. You can see the other origins in the series here.

In the world of Gamma Terra, disasters and tragedy are commonplace. While most people become survivors and carry on their lives with grim determination, others go a little crazy , focus on revenge against whatever they believe caused their misfortune, and become Ravagers.

Ravagers abandon whatever remains of their previous lives and develop a single-minded desire to exact revenge through straightforward violence.  Some ravagers have a particular target in mind such as the porker gang that torched their home town, but most are just angry at the world and happy to strike out against any part of it.

The Ravager is essentially the barbarian archetype from fantasy games adapted to Gamma World.  Its attack powers are modeled after cleave and whirlwind attack from Dungeons & Dragons, and then I threw in a version of the rogue’s sneak attack called Dirty Fighting to represent the Ravager’s wild disregard for any pretense of civility during combat.  For the utility power, I wanted something that reflected the Ravager caring more about killing its opponents than living through the fight, and I think Enraging Taunt captures that nicely when coupled with Dirty Fighting.

You can download the Ravager origin here.


UPDATE: I’ve compiled all of my Gamma World material into a single pdf. You can download the latest version here.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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