Sword of Terra

Azuran Technology

This is part of a series of posts to expand the options for the beta version of Sword of Terra and reveal more of the game’s setting.

Decades before the Great Colonial War, the colony world of Azure was quarantined in response to a virulent pandemic and then abandoned by the United Terran Systems.  The colonists were thought to have all succumbed to the disease, but when a UTSN battle group jumped into the system in an attempt to sneak into Confederation territory during the war, it was attacked by a small fleet of ships marked with the colony’s flag and using never before seen technology.  Since then, Azuran forces have seized control of several nearby solar systems and established themselves as a powerful independent nation.

Gravity Pulse Cannon

The most common ship-to-ship weapon used by the Azurans, gravity pulse cannons project a beam of rapidly fluctuating gravitational forces that rips apart the beam’s target and are especially likely to cause system failures and structural damage.

  • Light Gravity Pulse Cannon:  Gravitational, Range 5/10/15, Accuracy +0, Power 12, Disruptive 2
  • Medium Gravity Pulse Cannon:  Gravitational, Range 5/10/15, Accuracy +0, Power 14, Disruptive 2
  • Heavy Gravity Pulse Cannon:  Gravitational, Range 5/10/15, Accuracy +0, Power 16, Disruptive 2

Wave Projector

Used for point defense, wave projectors are similar to gravity pulse cannons except that they generate a field of gravitational disturbances rather than a focused beam.  This field is capable of damaging an entire wing of fighters of salvo of missiles, but its unfocused nature prevents it from being a threat to larger ships.

  • Wave Projector:  Gravitational, Range 3/6/9, Accuracy +4, Power 5, Burst, Disruptive 1

Repulsion Field

Most Azuran ships are equipped with a system known as a repulsion field that surrounds the ship with a negative gravitational field that slows incoming projectiles.  A repulsion field can be engaged during the movement phase and increases the ship’s armor rating by 1 against ballistic attacks for the rest of the round.

Silver Fin Frigate

One of the most common ship designs in the Azuran navy, the Silver Fin is a sleek but dangerous light warship.  The ship’s main armament is a single gravity pulse cannon, but two wave projectors provide a defense against missile attacks and bomber wings.  Like most Azuran warships, the Silver Fin enjoys a slight advantage in maneuverability compared to the ships in use with the rest of humanity.

Silver Fin Frigate

Target Number: 6

Armor Rating: 16/16/15

Hull Points: 4, Threshold: 1

Thrust: 5, Turn Cost: 1, Turn Distance: 0

Shuttle Bays: 2 (1 Port, 1 Starboard)


  • 1 Light Gravity Pulse Cannon (F)
  • 1 Wave Projector (FX)
  • 1 Wave Projector (AX)

Other Systems:

  • Repulsion Field

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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