2010 in Review

I’ve had a gaming blog since 2008, but it was never a priority and I only managed to post sporadically.  In July of last year, I decided to change that and take blogging a bit more seriously.  I set a goal of writing at least once a week and started to look for a better home for my blog (it was hosted on Windows Live Spaces at the time).  I ended up doing pretty well on my writing goals with 46 posts since July, and in September I migrated the blog to WordPress.

Most Popular Posts

Based on the number of views, these are the five most popular posts since I moved to WordPress in September.  Gamma World posts dominate the list with only one of the five posts being focused on standard D&D 4E instead.

My Favorite Posts (That Didn’t Make the Top 5)

These posts didn’t make the top five list based on the number of views, but they are ones that I enjoyed writing or that are more meaningful to me.

  • Sword of Terra Playtest A playtest version of my space ship battles game.
  • The Well of Dreams A magical location for D&D 4E that was inspired by an idea that I had for a precognition mechanic.
  • HeroQuest:  My Gateway Into RPGs A look back on the game that first introduced me to pen and paper gaming.
  • Crystalline Components This was an idea that I originally submitted to D&DI, but it wasn’t accepted and ended up as a blog post.  It has some ideas for component items for shardmind characters.
  • Cinematic Terrain Some thoughts on using terrain to make D&D 4E combat more exciting including some examples based on the frozen lake fight in King Arthur.

Top Referring Sites

These sites are the top five referrers to my blog since I moved to WordPress in September.

  • There are a couple threads in the forums with links to my site as well as my signature.  Most of these clicks seem to be to my Gamma World posts for homebrew origins.
  • Critical Hits was nice enough to include me in a couple of their twitter roundup posts as well as their excellent list of Gamma World links.
  • I’ve been tweeting links to new blog posts.
  • I’m pretty sure this is mostly just clicking back to my site after clicks on the tag/category links that WordPress automatically adds to posts.
  • Google Reader At least a couple people have my RSS feed listed in Google Reader.

Top Searches

These are the top five search terms that ended up resulting in visits to my site.  As with the other stats, this list is only based on visits since I moved to WordPress.

  • ashardalon
  • gamma world origin pdf
  • gamma world dinosaur
  • famine in far-go origins
  • d&d essentials review

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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