Sword of Terra

Ghosts of the Nebula

This is part of a series of posts to expand the options for the beta version of Sword of Terra and reveal more of the game’s setting.

The rampant lawlessness of far flung star systems was used as a justification for Earth’s Unification War that resulted in the formation of the United Terran Systems, but even following the war, pirates remained active throughout the frontier regions.  Now, the Great Colonial War has fractured humanity once again and left vast tracts of lawless space where pirates and outlaws are flourishing.

The pirates known as the Ghosts of the Nebula have plagued the systems on the frontier of the UTS near the Robertson-Verbesky Nebula for years.  By taking advantage of the nebula’s interference with sensors, the pirates have evaded efforts by the UTSN and local authorities to track them down.

Jury-Rigged Equipment

Pirates and outlaws are often forced to make use of unreliable technology pieced together by their mechanics.  These systems have the Jury-Rigged trait that determines how reliable the system is.  Each time the weapon is fired or the system is used, the controlling player must roll 1d10 and on a result equal to or lower than the Jury-Rigged rating the system is destroyed.  For example, a weapon with the Jury-Rigged 3 trait is destroyed on a roll of 3 or lower.

Ghost System

Developed from a prototype stolen from a UTSN research facility, the ghost system includes a range of electronic systems that interfere with targeting systems.  The ghost system can be engaged during the movement phase and increases the ship’s target number by 2 for the rest of the round.


The primary raiding ship used by the Ghosts, the Will-O’-Wisp is a heavily modified Novik frigate.  In an attempt to optimize the ship for raiding, the pirates have upgraded the ship’s thrusters and equipped it with a ghost system, but they were forced to abandon the Atropos missile launcher due to problems obtaining ammunition.


Target Number: 6

Armor Rating: 16/16/15

Hull Points: 5, Threshold: 1

Thrust: 5, Turn Cost: 1, Turn Distance: 1

Shuttle Bays: 2 (1 Starboard, 1 Port)


  • 1 Light Naval Cannon (Fore)
  • 1 Light Naval Autocannon (Fore, Jury-Rigged 1)
  • 1 Light Autocannon (Starboard-Extended)
  • 1 Light Autocannon (Port-Extended)

Other Systems:

  • Ghost System (Jury-Rigged 2)


When the Ghosts need to undertake more discrete actions, they make use of a upgraded Mule freighter they call Changeling.  While the ship resembles a standard freighter at first glance, its armor and structure have been heavily reinforced and a number of weapon systems were added by the pirates.


Target Number: 6

Armor Rating: 16/16/14

Hull Points: 4, Threshold: 1

Thrust: 4, Turn Cost: 1, Turn Distance: 1


  • 1 Light Laser Cannon (Fore, Jury-Rigged 1)
  • 1 Twin Assault Cannon (Full)

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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