Sword of Terra

UTSN Laser Refit Program

This is the first of several posts I’m planning to expand the options for the beta version of Sword of Terra and reveal more of the game’s setting.

In the decades leading up to the Great Colonial War, the admiralty of the United Terran Systems Navy was focused on the idea of laser weapons superior to more traditional ballistic cannons.  While laser cannons proved more accurate than ballistic weaponry, the energy requirements prevented them from having the same damage potential.

As tensions between the political factions of the UTS grew, the admiralty redoubled its laser weapon research in an effort to ensure its naval superiority in case fighting erupted.  The new efforts paid off when the project’s scientists made a breakthrough in power management that allowed for weapons with a destructive power nearly equal to existing naval cannons.  While the weapons were not deployed when fighting first broke out following the Sonoran Declaration, the admiralty rushed them into production and quickly refit existing laser-equipped ships during the first couple years of the war.

Improved Laser Cannons

The improved laser cannons produced by the UTS shortly after the beginning of the Great Colonial War maintain the range and accuracy advantages of older laser cannons while increasing their ability to penetrate armor.

  • Light Improved Laser Cannon:  Laser, Range 10/20/30, Accuracy +1, Power 10
  • Medium Improved Laser Cannon:  Laser, Range 10/20/30, Accuracy +1, Power 12
  • Heavy Improved Laser Cannon:  Laser, Range 10/20/30, Accuracy +1, Power 13


A byproduct of the United Terran System’s research into laser weaponry, the autolaser is a light, rapid-fire laser blaster. It is more accurate than a ballistic autocannon, but doesn’t have the same hitting power.

  • Light Autolaser:  Laser, Range 5/10/15, Accuracy +6, Power 3, Rapid 3
  • Heavy Autolaser:  Laser, Range 5/10/15, Accuracy +6, Power 4, Rapid 3

Apollo II Cruiser

Amongst the first UTSN ship refits to see battle was the Apollo II which replaced the Apollo’s laser cannons with more powerful versions and also included the newly developed autolasters for point defense.

Apollo II Cruiser

Target Number: 6

Armor Rating: 17/16/15

Hull Points: 8, Threshold: 2

Thrust: 4, Turn Cost: 1, Turn Distance: 1

Shuttle Bays: 1 (1 Aft)


  • 2 Medium Improved Laser Cannons (F)
  • 1 Torpedo Tube (F), Salvo Size: 1 missile, Ammunition: 6 salvos
  • 1 Long-Range Flak Cannon (FX)
  • 1 Atropos Missile Launcher (FX), Salvo Size: 3 missiles, Ammunition: 6 salvos
  • 1 Light Autolaser (SX)
  • 1 Light Autolaser (PX)

Firestar II Gunship

Another refit ship deployed by the United Terran Systems, the Firestar II is a refit of the Firestar gunship with an improved laser cannon. Many Firestar II gunships were rushed into service in order to bolster System Defense Fleets along the border with the Confederation.

Firestar II Gunship

Target Number: 7

Armor Rating: 15/15/14

Hull Points: 3, Threshold: 0

Thrust: 6, Turn Cost: 1, Turn Distance: 0


  • 1 Light Improved Laser Cannons (F)
  • 1 Falcon Missile Launcher (F), Salvo Size: 4 missiles, Ammunition: 2 salvos

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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