Glimm’s Wish List

It’s December now, so I’m sharing some of the gaming-related items on my holiday wish list.

A Time Of WarBattleTech:  A Time of War

I’ve really enjoyed the current line of BattleTech rulebooks, so when Catalyst announced the street date for print versions of A Time of War it was immediately added to my wish list.  A Time of War is the newest version of the role-playing game for the BattleTech universe that was originally known as Mechwarrior.  This is definitely a book that I’ll pick up on my own if I end up not getting it as a gift, and I’m hoping to find time to run at least a mini-campaign in it sometime early next year.

Painting Supplies

The last time I painted miniatures was nearly a decade ago, but I’ve recently been tempted to get back into the hobby.  I don’t have a room that I can dedicate to painting, so I think it would be great to get something like a portable painting desk that I can store out of the way when it isn’t in use.  I also am hoping to get some brushes and other basic supplies.  I know that I’ll paint some miniatures for Super Dungeon Explore once it is released, but while waiting I’ll probably pick up some random miniatures to paint – possibly Warmachine or BattleTech.

Miniatures and Dungeon Tiles

I am hoping to play in more in-person D&D games (most of my gaming recently has been online), so I’m working to build my collection of miniatures and dungeon tiles.  D&D Miniatures are also a great item to put on my wishlist because unlike most items it is actually good to get multiple copies.  For tiles, I’m most interested in the Deserts of Athas set since it should fill a gap in my current collection and help for any Dark Sun adventures that I run.

GameMastery Guide

Pathfinder Books

I got the Pathfinder Core Rulebook for Christmas last year, so a few of the other Pathfinder books are on my wish list this year.  I’m most interested in getting the GameMastery Guide since much of its advice should be applicable to any D&D version and the Advanced Player’s Guide to see the new player options that Paizo has introduced.  I’m not sure whether I’ll actually play or run a Pathfinder game anytime soon, but I’m still interested in the work that Paizo is doing for the game.

Legend of the Five RingsOther Role-Playing Games

One of my recent goals has been to familiarize myself with a wider range of role-playing games because most of the games that I own use the d20 system.  The two games that I’ve decided to put on my list as part of that initiative are Exalted and Legend of the Five Rings.  Both of those games have some similarities with D&D in that they are fantasy worlds, but they are also different enough in their themes and mechanics that they should provide interesting new ideas (well, new to me at least).

Are there any other games that you’d recommend adding to this section?

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

3 replies on “Glimm’s Wish List”

I’ve recently purchased the Shadowrun 4th edition manual and the Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG manual. Both are extremely interesting systems and I actually plan to use some of the stuff from the Pirates book in my D&D campaign as the party may be taking to the seas for a few sessions. I’m also interested in the Leverage RPG, the reviews I’ve read from various people in the D&D twitter community make it sound like something I could be interested in…I’m sure it helps that I love the show as well.

The 20th Anniversary edition Shadowrun 4E book was actually one of the non-d20 products I picked up recently. I really like the treatment that Catalyst has been giving BattleTech, so I figured Shadowrun was worth taking a look at. I haven’t found time to play a game with it yet though.

I hadn’t heard of the Spanish Main RPG before, but I have heard positive opinions about the Savage Worlds system, so it sounds like a good candidate to add to my list. Leverage also sounds like a good one to take a look at, especially since it sounds like it is a pretty big departure from D&D-style games.

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