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Crystalline Components

As living constructs, members of the shardmind race are able to make use of warforged components according to the rules, but those components are generally a poor match for the flavor of shardminds.  While some warforged components can be re-fluffed to fit shardminds and other better-fitting items can be converted into components, I thought it would be nice to have a few component items designed specifically for shardminds.

Remnant Crystal

Unlike most creatures, when a shardmind is destroyed fragments of its consciousness can remain attached to the crystals that formed its body.  If these shards are given a spark of enchanting energy, they become capable of offering aid to other living constructs.  Because this enchantment allows the fallen shardmind to live on, many members of the race consider consider creating and embedding a remnant crystal from a fallen friend to be a great tribute to the deceased.

Protective Remnant

This crystal is inhabited by the spirit of a protective shardmind that strives to protect you from danger.

Level 4, +1 enhancement bonus, 840 gp

Level 9, +2 enhancement bonus, 4200 gp

Level 14, +3 enhancement bonus, 21000 gp

Level 19, +4 enhancement bonus, 105000 gp

Level 24, +5 enhancement bonus, 525000 gp

Level 29, +6 enhancement bonus, 2625000 gp

Item Slot: Neck (embedded component)

Requirement: You must have the living construct racial trait to use this item.

Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will

Property: Gain an item bonus to Insight checks equal to the remnant’s enhancement bonus.

Power (Daily): Free Action.  Use this power after you roll an Insight check.  You may reroll that check, but you must use the second result even if it is lower.

Crystal Blades

Militant shardminds favor weapons known as crystal blades.  These knives and swords are composed of a collection of razor sharp crystals that the shardmind is able to manipulate as easily as it controls its own body.

Crystal Blade

The razor-sharp crystals that make up this blade are held together by a powerful field of psionic energy.

Level 5, +1 enhancement bonus, 1000 gp

Level 10, +2 enhancement bonus, 5000 gp

Level 15, +3 enhancement bonus, 25000 gp

Level 20, +4 enhancement bonus, 125000 gp

Level 25, +5 enhancement bonus, 625000 gp

Level 30, +6 enhancement bonus, 3125000 gp

Weapon: Heavy Blade, Light Blade (attached component)

Requirement: You must have the living construct racial trait to use this item.

Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +1d6 force damage per plus

Power (Daily + Force): Free Action.  Use this power when you hit with the crystal blade.  The target and each enemy adjacent to it takes 1d6 force damage and is pushed 1 square.

Level 15 or 20:  2d6 force damage.

Level 25 or 30:  3d6 force damage.

Property: When you use the shard swarm power, each enemy in the burst takes force damage equal to the weapon’s enhancement bonus.

Level 25 or 30:  Each enemy takes force damage equal to 1d6 + the weapon’s enhancement bonus.

Fragments of the Living Gate

When the Living Gate was destroyed, the broken shards were scattered throughout the multiverse.  Most of these shards were useless crystals, but according to legends, some retained the power of the Living Gate.  These fragments of the gate are said to grant any shardmind who possesses them incredible powers against the monstrosities of the Far Realm.

Shining Fragment of the Living Gate

This crystal resonates with the psionic might of the Living Gate.

Wondrous Item (embedded component)

Level: 25

Price: 625000 gp

Requirement: You must have the living construct racial trait to use this item.

Property: You gain resist 15 psychic.

Power (Daily + Force, Radiant): Immediate reaction.  Use this power when you are hit by an attack.  The attacker and other enemies within 2 squares of it take 3d8 force and radiant damage.  If any affected creature has the aberrant origin, it instead takes 3d10 force and radiant damage and is pushed 3 squares.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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