Sword of Terra

Sword of Terra Playtest

I think I have the core rules for my space ship combat game, Sword of Terra, in a pretty good spot right now, so I’ve decided to post a playtest version so that other people can start trying out the game.

You can download the playtest pdf here and a pdf with blank tokens here.

Sword of Terra Playtest Blank Tokens

The playtest has the current version of all of the core rules, a brief overview of the game’s factions (similar to this post), and a selection of weapons and ships representing the state of technology just before the outbreak of the Great Colonial War.

Since this is a playtest document, I’m looking forward to any feedback.  If you get a chance to play a battle, post a comment with the ships used and the results of the engagement.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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