Star Wars

Tales of an Ewok Jedi

Since PAX, I’ve been in the mood to play a Star Wars game.  Because I’m currently running my D&D 4E campaign, I don’t really have time to run a new campaign, but I’m hoping to run a Saga Edition game once my D&D story arc wraps up and have been reading through the rulebooks and Wookieepedia in preparation.

In the meantime, I convinced my brother to play some quick encounters with me in order to get used to the game mechanics.  He rolled up an Ewok Jedi named Kopu for his first character and I set him up against a B1 battle droid that he was able to quickly take down with a Force Slam.  Then I decided the ratchet up the difficulty a bit and see how he would do against three droids.  The first round went pretty well with him nearly killing one droid and using Negate Energy to absorb a blaster shot, but then on the second round one of the battle droids managed to score a critical hit with its blaster and kill Kopu.

I think we were both pretty happy with the game mechanics.  I particularly like the flexibility of the character classes that the talent system provides.  It seems like each class has a huge range of options and roles it can fulfill. 

Even though I like the rules overall, I think that I’ll use a couple house rules though.  The daily Force points rule from the Jedi Academy Training Manual seems like an obvious choice, and I might increase the number of points per day to encourage Force point usage during encounters.  Thanks to the huge number of talents available from the various source books, I’m also tempted to increase the rate at which characters earn them so that the players have more options to play with.

Another thing that I’m hoping to try with the campaign is a rotating GM position so that I get a chance to play as well as running some adventures.  I think that Star Wars could lend itself nicely to having a series of mini-adventures each run by a different GM.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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