Sword of Terra

Early Play Testing

While visiting family on vacation, I took the opportunity to play test the current iteration of Sword of Terra with my brother and nephews.  I let them play while I taught the rules and helped everyone out.

For their first game, I let each of them pick a small war ship from the tokens and stat cards that I had prepared.  My brother picked a Hive Escort Carrier, which came with two wings of Eagle Fighters and a wing of Harbinger Bombers, and my nephews picked a Novik Frigate and an Ursus Destroyer.  I had expected the frigate and destroyer to be pretty evenly matched, but I wasn’t sure how the carrier would do because it relied on small craft, specifically the bomber wing, for its anti-ship fire power.  After a few rounds of combat, my brother’s carrier emerged victorious as the bomber wing’s last salvo of missiles destroyed the frigate.

After that, we played a couple more games and overall I was pretty happy with the current rules.  My brother had some great feedback on improving game play that was mostly focused on making better tokens and stat cards.  We also bounced some ideas back and forth for special maneuvers and more advanced weaponry and systems for the ships.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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