Dungeons & Dragons World of Malune

Talaran Dragonknight

The elite soldiers of Talara, the Order of Dragon Knights serves as the Witch-Queen’s bodyguard and strike force.  Individual knights can be found throughout Talara commanding companies of soldiers, investigating crimes against the crown, and serving as the Witch-Queen’s local representative.

In combat, a dragon knight fights with a combination of martial prowess and arcane magic.  In most cases, a dragon knight reserves its limited spell repertoire for an opportune moment when it is able to surprise its enemies.  When fighting with soldiers at its side, a dragon knight will do its best to force its way into the midst of its enemies with the other soldiers flowing into any holes it opens.

Each individual dragon knight is different, but the below statistics represent one possible member of the order.

Talaran Dragonknight

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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