Dungeons & Dragons

Along the River – Marakoon Caves 12

Milanthis took the first watch at the camp site, and the others were soon asleep.  A couple hours into the watch, the eladrin wizard spotted a large wolf approaching the camp.  He quickly woke the others as the dire beast rushed toward them.

Within moments, the woodland grove became a chaotic melee as two smaller wolves joined the fight.  Thankfully the wild animals proved to be no match for the seasoned adventurers.

The next morning, the group continued to trek along the river and eventually reached a trail that became a more established path with time.  With renewed hope, the group hurried onward and eventually saw more signs of civilization in the distance.

As they neared a gated bridge, three goblins emerged from the forest and attacked.  The ambushers proved to be ill prepared for facing adventurers though and the heroes quickly cut them down.  Once the battle ended, a man on the far side of the river hailed the victors.  He opened the gate to allow them to cross the bridge and identified himself as Grieg.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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