Dungeons & Dragons

Climbing Down – Marakoon Caves 10

Following the fight with the kobolds, the group searched the area and found several dwarven coins, a note, and a strange metallic cube.  The note was a list of names in the common tongue with several items added in what appeared to be a kobold’s handwriting.  The cube had designs covering its faces identifying it as Piedra’s Coffer, an open slot, and writing in three different languages.

The group climbed down the cliff to reach the grassy field below and then investigated some scorch marks burnt into the otherwise green grass.  They found some footprints that were about the size of Thoradin’s feet, but they otherwise weren’t able to tell what had caused the fiery impacts.

Setting up camp near the edge of a forest, they began to investigate the cube.  Eventually they discovered that the interior seemed to be some sort of extra-dimensional space that was larger than the cube’s size implied.  They then proceeded to attempt to put several objects into the slot and made several discoveries.  First was that it happily accepted golden coins, but rejected other coins.  Second was that it could seemingly conjure small animals from nowhere, but no one was sure exactly what conditions caused that to happen.

Messing with the magical cube actually ate up most of the session.  We ended up giving up and deciding that our characters would investigate it more after a night’s sleep.  Of course, that didn’t go as planned…

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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