Dungeons & Dragons

Not Welcome on the Outside – Marakoon Caves 9

Glad to have finally escaped the Marakoon Caves and gotten out of the icy waters of the subterranean river, the group made a quick camp and got some much needed rest.

Hours later, the group began to explore the rocky plateau surrounding them.  Near the top of the waterfall, Thia spotted some movement near several large boulders.  The group carefully crossed the stream using several stepping stones, and then approached the boulders hoping to find a friendly face.

Thoradin climbed to the top of one of the larger boulders only to find several angry kobolds, including one that appeared to be a shaman.  The numerous kobolds moved quickly to surround the group, and battle ensued.  Seeking safe haven, Milanthis and Thia both moved to the top of the boulder, while Thoradin and Norask waded into melee swinging their weapons.  The shaman picked out Milanthis as a rival spell caster and launched several fiery bolts at him, while the eladrin wizard created a small blizzard and a patch of slippery ice.  Meanwhile, Thia effectively used her bow to pick off any easy targets.  Some kobolds climbed the rock, undettered by a thunderwave spell, and managed to down Milanthis with a well-placed stab.  Thankfully, he recovered conciousness after a few seconds and the tide of battle turned in the heroes’ favor.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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