Dungeons & Dragons World of Malune


My Malune campaign will be starting within a few weeks, so I’m working hard to get everything ready.  I’ve got a basic outline of the campaign arc for levels 1-20 with a few gaps that’ll be useful for letting the characters explore the world on their own terms.  The outline is pretty general with mostly just a series of adventure hooks, locations, major villains, and how they link together.  I’ve paid a lot more attention to the first few levels and outlined the first fifteen-or-so encounters that the characters will face.  And most recently, I’ve gone through the work of making encounter maps for the first few fights and preparing tokens to represent the monsters that I’ll need.  Hopefully this will help me stay on top of things during the campaign.

I’ll have four players to start the campaign, with a fifth hopefully joining once her schedule opens up.  Jake, my brother, is planning on playing a dwarf fighter.  Charles, a friend from college, is going to be a halfling rogue.  Brian, Charles’s younger brother, is planning on a bard (using the preview from D&Di).  Aaron, another college friend, still hasn’t decided on what he’ll play (or at least hasn’t let me know).  Once I get more details on the characters, I’ll post them here.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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