Dungeons & Dragons

Escape – Marakoon Caves 8 cont.

After a short rest to catch their breath and treat the wounds from the vicious claws and spikes of the kruthiks, the group of adventurers continued to explore the caverns.

They returned to a room they had been to before that had high rafters in hopes of finding an exit near the ceiling.  Milanthis teleported up to the rafters and carefully searched for anything useful.  Despite not finding an exit, he found an old leather pouch with a gem and a bunch of gold coins.  To the group’s surprise, he also found a great axe sitting on the rafters.

With no other options left in the dry caverns, the group decided to resume their trip through the cold waters of the underground river.  Thoradin dragged some barrels from the caverns to use as makeshift rafts, and then they all climbed into the water.  Drifting down, they struggled to stay warm.  Then to their dismay, they hit a rock wall that the water appeared to be flowing under.  The group decided to take a gamble, and Thoradin took a deep breath then swam down deep to see where the water was going.  After a few minutes, the others decided to follow in hopes that Thoradin had found an exit rather than drowning.

This took a lot of discussion, but we really didn’t have any other options and the cold water was already draining our healing surges.

Their gamble paid off when they finally emerged in the bright light of the sun.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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