Dungeons & Dragons

Down the Well – Marakoon Caves 5-6

After their rest, the group of adventurers returned to the kobold warrens to continue searching for a way out of the caverns.  In those tunnels, they found some scrawled writing on the walls.  Norask was eventually able to decipher the crude draconic language.  Unfortunately, the kobolds hadn’t written anything useful. 

Delving deeper into the warrens, they stumbled onto a gaunt kobold that immediately fled into the shadows.  Running after it, they quickly caught up to it and two of its friends.  After a quick fight, they managed to finish off the three kobolds in what appeared to be the warren’s kitchen.  They also discovered a well dropping deep beneath the chamber.  Thoradin volunteered to climb down first, but the others soon followed.

At this point, we were pretty sure that this was the only remaining place to explore in the caves.  Otherwise we would have spent some more time trying to find a better path to take.

At the bottom, they found themselves on a small, dark island in the middle of an underground lake.  They managed to make their to two new islands by swimming through the frigid water.  On that second island, they had to fight off a group of three dire rats.  Nothing else could be found on the small rock, so the group was forced to continue trying to swim their way in the dark.

Skill challenges to navigate frigid, dark water were quickly getting old…  For some reason none of us realized how much better the light radius is on a sunrod than Milanthis’s light spell, so we were making the situation even worse by limiting our sight distance considerably.

The four heroes continued moving from island to island finding each new one to be as uninteresting and barren as the last.  Finally, they were able to spot a dry tunnel leading away from the water.  A small sign labeled the passage as “Delirium Channel”.

We were pretty glad to finally get out of the water and have new caves to explore.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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