Dungeons & Dragons World of Malune

Halflings of Avornea

There is a cultural divide between the halflings of northern Avornea and those in the southern portion of the continent. The differences create fierce rivalries in the central portion of Avornea where the two cultures meet. Northern halflings consider their southern cousins to be backwards and uncivilized swampfolk, while the southerners view the northerners as snobs who have forsaken their roots in order to serve the tall races.

In the north, halflings predominately live in trade caravans and small pastoral villages and towns. They live alongside humans and other races in their towns and cities, and their culture has adopted elements of human society. Northern halflings favor the gods Avandra, Corellon, and Pelor.

In the south, halflings are more isolated from the other races and often live in their own settlements along waterways and in marshlands. Despite their preference to live apart from humanity, the southerners still trade heavily with other races in the region. Southern halflings favor the gods Melora and Sehanine.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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