Dungeons & Dragons

Crossing the Chasm – Marakoon Caves 4

Without any other clear options, Milanthis and Thia once again stepped through the Feywild to the other side of the chasm.  They were still unable to find anything useful to help the others cross, but they did stumble upon a small camp of kobolds.

Thia attempted to ask the kobolds for help, but the draconic people didn’t seem to understand either the common tongue or elven language.  Desiring not to fight, the eladrin withdrew from the camp’s area.  Then as they were backing away, a loud voice issued a command from the shadows causing the four kobolds to advance with their javelins.

Hoping to get the kobolds to try to follow them across the chasm, Milanthis launched a magic missile at them while retreating.  With that combat began.  The group managed to slay one kobold, but then both sides withdrew from combat to their respective sides of the chasm.

We were getting really frustrated at this point since only two of us could get across the chasm safely and the other two didn’t feel that a jump check had enough chance of succeeding to take the risk.  Thankfully, we figured something out…

Norask then had the idea of breaking apart the shelves from the storeroom and nailing them back together in order to make a bridge.  After a few hours of work, they finished their makeshift bridge and travelled across the chasm.  They were able to quickly cut through the three remaining kobolds and soon were exploring the tunnels beyond that small camp.

In those tunnels, they had a rough fight against a kobold shaman who could breath fire.  Luckily Norask and Thoradin were able to cut through the guards and take out the shaman.  Searching the room after the fight, the group uncovered two elaborately cut rubies, some jewelry, and a long sword with the pommel carved to look like a screaming skull.

Tired and wounded, the group decided to retreat back across the chasm and pull the makeshift bridge to their side to prevent the kobolds from pursuing them.

We’re still getting used to the adventuring day in 4E.  Sometimes we hit a point where one of us is really beat up, but others have most of their resources available still.  Usually this has been our paladin being beat up and Milanthis and Thia still having their daily powers and most of their healing surges.  I guess that means the defenders are doing their job, but I think I need to be more willing to use my daily powers to help carry more weight.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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