Dungeons & Dragons World of Malune

The Magwyn Clan

I’ve been planning the next campaign that I’m going to run once my current DM’s campaign ends.  I’m planning to set the campaign in a world that I’ve used for two previous campaigns already, so I’ve been doing work to update the setting to 4E and figure out a broad outline for the campaign’s plot.  While working, I’ve had more ideas than could possibly fit in one campaign, so I figured I might as well share some that I know I won’t be using this game.

The Magwyn Clan

The Magwyn Clan is a reclusive group of humans that live in the high foothills of the Iron Peaks near the nation of Kroftland.  The clan consists of several villages under the leadership of the elderly Lord Elbus na’Magwyn.  The villages are largely self-sufficient with local farms and hunting fulfilling most of their needs.  The small amount of outside contact the people have is with the local elf tribes and wandering merchants who are a source of tools and metal.

A rune-covered monolith known as the Curloc Stone stands on a stony peak near the center of the clan’s territory.  The monolith is clearly magical and the runes glow with a pale green light that bathes the hilltop on dark nights.  Several of Lord Elbus’s most trusted warriors are always present near the stone keeping watch for anyone who tries to approach it, but no one outside of the clan is certain why they feel it must be protected.

The clan’s secret, known to Lord Elbus and his trusted friends, is that the Curloc stone serves as a prison for a powerful demon.  For generations, the Magwyn family has guarded that secret and watched over the stone in hopes of preventing the demon’s release.  Each year, the magical wardings grow weaker, and warriors guarding the monolith claim to hear whispers urging them to unleash the dark fiend and promising to reward them with riches and power.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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