Dungeons & Dragons

Trapped! – Marakoon Caves 1-2

This is the first entry in a campaign journal for my current D&D 4e game.  In this campaign, I play the eladrin wizard Milanthis.  My friend Charles is the DM, and the other players are my wife Stefanie (Thia the eladrin ranger), my brother Jake (Thoradin the dwarf fighter), and my friend Aaron (Norask the dragonborn paladin).

Seeking adventure, Milanthis and his friends accompanied the master spelunker, Brutus Jale, into the Marakoon Caves near the hamlet of Linsaal.  The group explored the lightless depths for several hours before setting up a camp in a large chamber. 

Suddenly disaster struck as the ground shook and boulders fell from above.  The adventurers dove for any cover they could find, stumbling as the very mountain moved beneath their feet.  After several long moments of danger, the tremors stopped and the group picked themselves up and dusted off.  Unfortunately they found Brutus crushed beneath several fallen rocks and the exit of the chamber blocked by a dense pile of rubble.

Trapped in a small chamber deep beneath the surface, the group started to look frantically for an escape route.  After a few minutes of searching, they managed to find a weak area in the wall and break out into a tunnel.  Moving down the tunnel, they realized that they were not alone when they stumbled upon several goblins.  Luckily, the goblins were no match for the heroes who quickly cut through them.

Minor tremors once again shook the earth as the party continued through the tunnels.  They encountered swarms of vicious rats, obsidian-walled tunnels, and piles of refuse, but were unable to find a good exit from the cave system.

Then they saw light ahead and found a ledge overlooking a large chamber with several fires burning within.  They could hear goblins below, but weren’t able to spot any of them in the flickering light.  Norask and Thoradin headed back to a previous fork in the tunnel in hopes of finding an alternate entrance to the chamber while Thia and Milanthis remained on lookout from the ledge.

The paladin and fighter soon stumbled upon the savage goblins and alerted the entire group in the chamber to the party’s presence.  The two eladrin stepped through the Feywild in order to join the battle on the chamber’s floor.  The fight against the numerous goblins was rough, but the party eventually emerged victoriously.  The exploration and combat left them injured and tired, so they decided to retreat back to a defensible position to catch their breath and patch up their wounds.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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