Dungeons & Dragons


Shortly after D&D 4E’s launch, my friend Charles started running a campaign so that my gaming group could try out the new rules.  After some deliberation, I decided to try out an eladrin wizard.  Because nobody picked to play a class with the leader role, I ended up multi-classing into cleric in order to help heal a bit with a daily use of Healing Word.  I named my wizard Milanthis and decided that he’d wield a longsword and focus on close range and terrain control spells.  Compared to wizards and sorcerers that I had played in third edition games, Milanthis seems to be a lot more fun.  I have far more options in combat at first level then I’m used to and haven’t ever needed to resort to a crossbow after running out of spells… In fact, Milanthis doesn’t even carry a ranged weapon instead always resorting to magic missile spells.

The other characters in our party are a dragonborn paladin, a dwarf fighter, and an eladrin ranger.  So far in fights, we’ve tended to perform pretty well as a team.  The paladin and fighter both close into melee quickly and are able to hold back most enemies.  Meanwhile, Thia, the eladrin ranger, stays in the back and fires arrows at whichever enemy is causing the most trouble.  Milanthis mixes between using thunderwave up close to position enemies and magic missiles and icy terrain from the back row. 

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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