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  • ’Mech Manual: Longbow LGB-0W

    The original Longbow LGB-0C was introduced in 2480 as the Free Worlds League’s answer to the Terran Hegemony’s Archer. Almost five decades later, the League introduced the LGB-0W that upgraded the design to make use of more advanced components. While the LGB-0W was created for the Free Worlds League, it did not remain exclusive to […] read more

  • Mapping the Sphere

    One of the many wonderful things available through Sarna is the Sarna Unified Cartography Kit. The kit is a collection of system and faction data that fans of BattleTech have collected from various products and assembled into a single data set. Last week, I decided to play around with the data. I downloaded a copy […] read more

  • ’Mech Manual: Vindicator VND-1R

    After the destruction of the First Succession War, the Capellan Confederation was in desperate need for ’Mechs to replenish its forces. The new Vindicator helped to fill that need. It was designed to be relatively inexpensive and to only use components that were readily available within the Confederation. The design is regarded as a solid […] read more

  • ’Mech Manual: Stormwolf Prime

    The Stormwolf was introduced at the end of the Dark Age era as Clan Wolf prepared for their assault on Terra. With demand for new ’Mechs exceeding their own manufacturing capabilities, they turned to Clan Sea Fox to deliver a new medium OmniMech. The collaboration used Clan Nova Cat’s Wendigo as a starting point but […] read more

  • ’Mech Manual: Grand Dragon DRG-1G

    The Dragon has been one of the most widely used heavy ’Mechs of the Draconis Combine since the Star League era. Following the end of the Third Succession War, Luthien Armor Works introduced the Grand Dragon DRG-1G as an upgrade to the DRG-1N. The most notable portion of the upgrade was replacing its autocannon with […] read more