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  • ’Mech Manual: UrbanMech UM-R60

    The UrbanMech was introduced during the Star League as a light ’Mech for urban combat. It traded away mobility in the open field in order to increase armor protection and firepower. The result is a tough design for its tonnage, but it suffers from major drawbacks outside of its city fighting niche. The UM-R60 has […] read more

  • ’Mech Manual: Dominator

    The Dominator is a new ’Mech that was designed at the request of Khan Alaric Ward of Clan Wolf. It was ready for deployment ahead of schedule in 3148. Compared to other heavy ’Mechs available to Clan Wolf, the design trades away raw firepower in exchange for mobility and accuracy. As a new design, the […] read more

  • BattleTech Play Formats

    BattleTech offers a huge number of options to customize your play experience, but it’s player base hasn’t really coalesced around a common set of options to use. Every local group of players seems to have their own sets of rules and era preferences that they use in their games. That customization is a strength of […] read more

  • ’Mech Manual: Mad Dog T

    The T configuration of the Mad Dog was introduced by Clan Hell’s Horses in 3142. It is similar to the Prime configuration that was first developed in 2963, but the variant converts the the pulse lasers to ER lasers in order to upgrade the missile launchers and carry more ammunition. Despite being a recent development […] read more

  • A New Wave of BattleTech Miniatures

    Between the official update to BattleTech’s upcoming releases and pictures from the KerenskyCon event, there have been a lot of previews for what’s coming for the game during the rest of 2022 and into 2023. There are a lot of cool things there, so I suggest reading the post and checking out the photos if […] read more