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  • ’Mech Manual: Nightsky NGS-7S

    The Nightsky NGS-7S is the latest iteration of the Nightsky from Defiance Industries. It makes use of some of the latest technology in order to upgrade it while retaining much of the original NGS-4S’s design. While the NGS-7S was designed for the Lyran Commonwealth, it is also available to Mercenaries and Duke Vedet Brewer’s breakaway… read more

  • BattleTech Mercenaries Kickstarter – This Week!

    The next BattleTech Kickstarter launches in just a few days on Thursday, March 23rd! The centerpiece for the new Kickstarter is the new Mercenaries box set. This box will include new miniatures as well as new rules to extend what is available in the existing Game of Armored Combat and Clan Invasion boxes. The rules… read more

  • ’Mech Manual: Atlas AS7-D

    With its design guided by General Aleksandr Kerensky, the Atlas was built to be a powerful assault ’Mech for the SLDF. While it did not make use of cutting-edge components like some of its contemporaries, it was a rugged and powerful design. When Kerensky left following the end of the Star League Civil War, the… read more

  • BattleTech Pride Anthology

    A friend is running a BattleTech Pride Anthology fan project and she’s looking for submissions from other fans. There are details here if you’re interested in contributing: Open Call: BattleTech Pride Anthology. Feel free to share the info around if you know of anyone else who might be interested. read more

  • Treasure Islands

    Four the fourth game of our Ghost Archipelago campaign, we decided to try out the small boat rules. We picked up a bunch of longboats from Firelock Games, and I put together some quick island pieces for us to use. For this game, we made up our own scenario with treasures scattered amongst a few… read more